Written by Fred Daues on March 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

When you are thinking about putting new windows into your Webster Groves, MO home, there are a lot of decisions coming your way. If you have really old, wood windows with single pane glass, you are in for a world of savings. Those utility bills will look better than ever before! But first, you have to make decisions that can greatly impact your energy savings and your bills. While the material you choose for your frame is important, the glass is important as well. If you get high quality glass, you get performance and long-term energy savings. While you may know about double and even triple pane glass, there’s a new element on the market today that can help glass perform any better, gas! Is it really safe to put gas between the windowpanes? Of course! Here’s information you must know!

Types of Gas

There are two main gases that are used in windows: argon and krypton. Both of these gases are completely harmless and heavier than air. They insulate your home better because of their heaviness. Argon, in fact, has become the standard gas in quality windows, but krypton works even better. If you want the most efficient options, go with krypton, but you will have to pay for the upgrade.

Why Use Gas in the Windows?

If you have single pane glass, you know it isn’t cutting it. That single, thin layer allows air to pass back and forth pretty freely. Even a second layer of glass will dampen the draft. But with insulation between the panes, the temperatures within the glass evens out and you get minimal heat and cold transfers in your home.

How Much Gas do you Need?

Not all windows have the same amount of gas between the panes. Not all windows are exactly equal in every way. There are two main ways that gas is put inside windows. It can be injected into a unit that has already been sealed, or it can be immersed in a room filled with the gas before it is sealed. Both methods get the job done, but the immersion method is better for the windows. Glass that is already sealed has to be punctured to fill the chamber. The gas can leak out that small hole eventually, though it takes quite a bit of time.

When you are ready for Webster Groves, MO new windows, consider gas fillings as something that will greatly increase your windows’ energy efficiency. Anything you get will be better than old, single-pane windows, but as long as you’re getting an upgrade, go all out and get the best! Masonry & Glass Systems can help you with all of the big and small decisions. Call us at (314) 535-6515 and we’ll set you up with a consultation. We’re here to help you through the process from start to finish because we understand you don’t deal with windows daily…but we do! Come see us today at 1503 S Kingshighway Blvd St Louis, MO 63110.