Doorless Shower Designs


There are many doorless shower designs.  One of the more common is to use a glass block wall or walls to develop a curved entry that offers privacy and a barrier to water leaving the walk in shower area.  Masonry & Glass Systems offers design [Read More]

Glass Block Shower Designs


Masonry & Glass Systems offers glass block shower designs assistance to customers in a lot of ways. One of the most critical is in the design stage for your new shower whether it is a walk in doorless shower or not. The process usually works [Read More]

Doorless Shower: Glass Block Walk-In Showers


This glass block doorless shower was assembled by Masonry & Glass Systems in sections as you can see in the pictures. We turn a glass block shower into a modular system that can be shipped and erected anywhere using our modular installation techniques. The results [Read More]

Walk In Glass Block Shower


This walk in glass block shower accomplishes many things. It provides light into the tub area instead of a wall blocking light and makes the shower a cherry area as natural light from the window enters the shower from the large glass block wall. What [Read More]

Custom glass block showers in St. Louis

One of the terrific attributes of glass block showers is how highly customizable it is.  You can use different sizes and shapes to make pretty much any design or layout that works for your bathroom space.  The glass block shower in this blog mixes clear [Read More]