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Glass Block Showers

Glass Block Walk In Shower
August 17, 2014 in Glass Block Showers

The contractor that we worked with required a rendering to show the client what the glass block shower would look like. We provided the rendering to scale to help the contractor and his client. The shower was then pre-assembled in our shop and brought to the jobsite. The glass block walk in shower was then […]

Glass Blocks in St. Louis: Masonry & Glass Systems

Looking for Glass Blocks in St. Louis? Glass Blocks are a marvelous building material that can be used in a variety of ways from functional to architectural and in a lot of applications can combine both. Kitchens are a new way to use the durability of glass block. Counters as a backsplash that add light […]

Glass Block Shower Design With Mulia Glass Blocks

This particular glass block shower design was a challenge because the customer had already ordered the base before he had decided to go with glass block. Masonry & Glass Systems completed this installation using the new Mulia Special shapes glass block that is only 3 1/8 inches thick.  The special glass blocks used were the […]

Glass Block Showers
May 14, 2014 in Glass Block Showers

Glass block showers need not constructed out of 4 inch thick glass block anymore. Mulia, a worldwide manufacturer of ceramic tile and glass block has developed a 3 inch alternative that has all the shapes that Masonry & Glass Systems will need to design a distinctive glass block shower that will cost less and have […]

Glass Block Shower Designs

Masonry & Glass Systems offers glass block shower designs assistance to customers in a lot of ways. One of the most critical is in the design stage for your new shower whether it is a walk in doorless shower or not. The process usually works like this. The customer either calls, faxes, or emails the […]

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