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Replacement Windows in St. Louis

Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Bathroom Windows

Many older homes have glass block bathroom windows that have reached or exceeded their design life. The mortar joints are discolored and cracked, the glass block faded, and the fresh air vent un-sightly. The answer to all of these problems is to install a new glass block window with an energy efficient vinyl vent. The […]

Glass Block Windows: Bathroom Windows in St. Louis

This glass block windows project was particularly challenging because it was located on the second floor with the exterior access being at a slate roof peak. The answer was to pre-assemble the glass block panel in one piece and set it from the inside. This eliminated most of the work on the exterior. After the […]

Glass Block Windows in St. Louis Brick Homes
May 31, 2013 in Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Windows in St. Louis Brick Homes Masonry & Glass Systems not only installs glass block windows and showers but we also replace existing energy leaking, ugly aluminum fresh air vents with energy efficient white vinyl vents. These vents have double paned frosted glass with bubble seals around the perimeter of the vent door. […]

Glass Block Security Windows: St. Louis

Glass Block Basement Security Windows Glass block not only make terrific showers and bathroom windows but as a replacement security window in a basement they are hard to beat. The ideal basement window would be secure against intruders, maintenance free, energy efficient to prevent air leaks and drafts, and allow light with privacy. What product […]

St. Louis Glass Block Windows
January 5, 2013 in Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Windows: Replacing a Picture Window Masonry & Glass Systems installs many glass block windows for the bathroom, but one of the most distinctive is when we replace a picture window in a bath with glass block. These before pictures show 2 picture windows where the seal has failed.  Seal failure in bathrooms can […]

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