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Replacement Windows in St. Louis


Replacing Your Original Front Entry Door
June 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

This replacement front entry door was the owners original door in the house. It was a wooden door and had served its use well but had now warped and was in need of replacement. The owner went with a new look on the outside and kept white as the finish on the inside.  The doors […]

Glass Block Shower: Masonry & Glass Systems
December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

This glass block shower is a very unique design. The client wanted two walls of different heights. The shower walls were to also have a tile wall on the top as a design element. When we pre-assemble our glass block showers the glass block joints are extremely straight as you can see. The shower features […]

Saint Louis Replacement Windows

Are you looking for a reliable source for Saint Louis Replacement Windows? Many times a customer will ask us what they can do to customize a double hung window. One of the options that can be accomplished is to make the window An Oriel.  An Oriel is a double hung window where the sashes are […]

How to Secure a Patio Door

We get the question asked all the time “How to Secure a Patio Door?” Many times a customer who has a patio door in a location in their home that they feel is “ a weak link” in terms of security ask Masonry & Glass Systems how they can secure the door if they replace it.  […]

Glass Block Walls
February 7, 2014 in Glass Block Walls Uncategorized

Masonry & Glass Systems can install glass block walls quickly and efficiently. The new thinner glass block shapes make a stunning glass block partition. In most cases we can erect a wall in one day or less with a minimum of mess and trouble. We size the opening to work the glass block wall desired by […]

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