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Wedi Shower Systems

Wedi Shower Systems 2″ Thick Building Panel
April 3, 2013 in Wedi Shower Systems

More than just backer board… One of the terrific aspects of Wedi Shower Systems backer board is the versatility that it offers contractors and remodelers. How do you add a shower bench or seat to an existing shower? Well, up to now it would involve labor intensive wood supports anchored to the tile by making […]

Wedi Shower System Wall Panels
February 13, 2013 in Wedi Shower Systems

Wedi Shower System Wall Panels Developed for absolute workability, the Wedi shower system is easily applied over stud walls with Wedi fasteners. After the Wedi wall panels are secured and the seams are sealed, tiling may commence immediately. This means that a bare wall can be prepared, waterproofed and ready to tile in a fraction […]

Backer board, Cement Board Comparison Review
January 4, 2013 in Wedi Shower Systems

This review was done to test the performance of 3 different cement boards for ceramic tile installation: The Wedi Backer board, Hardibacker® and Wonderboard®. These boards are used as a floor underlayment when installing ceramic tiles, glass block showers, shower floor tiles, or as a sub floor for bathrooms. We tested 3 different manufactures: Hardibacker® Wonderboard® Wedi Backerboard The test […]

Wedi Shower Systems Tech Tip
October 18, 2012 in Wedi Shower Systems

Here is your Wedi Shower Systems Tech Tip: WEDI 2 inch wall board from Masonry & Glass Systems is an amazing material.  Bathroom remodeling contractors or tile contractors can easily add a shower seat to an existing shower without disturbing the existing  tile.  Also because the existing shower is left intact the addition of the […]

Wedi Shower Systems tile ready shower pans
April 30, 2012 in Wedi Shower Systems

Three years ago Wedi was the first manufacturer to introduce channel or linear drains that were fully integrated into a tile ready shower pan with the Wedi Riolito. Now comes the new Wedi Fundo Riofino tileable shower pan. Water drains away through a narrow gap between the cover plate and the tile. The new Riofino […]

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