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Replacement Windows in St. Louis


Glass Block Walls in the Bathroom
December 13, 2012 in Glass Blocks in St. Louis

Beautiful glass block walls do not have to be just in the shower. They can accent and define space in other places in the bathroom as illustrated here. The wall can be deigned to stair step as pictured which offer a graceful and yet distinctive use of glass block without being expensive. The pattern used […]

Basement Entry Doors in St. louis
December 7, 2012 in Replacement Entry Doors

Looking for Basement Entry Doors in St. Louis? Many St Louis homes have basement entry doors that are not secure, energy efficient and just do not look nice. This particular door replacement gave us some additional challenges as it had small wooden windows next to it to allow light. The Problem How do you replace […]

Glass Block Basement Windows in St. Louis

Basement windows that are secure and looks great Many times when a customer would like the security, energy efficiency, durability and privacy of a glass block basement window from Masonry & Glass Systems we have an existing window that has problems. This buck frame window is rusting and should be removed but the inside of […]

Glass Block Windows For The Bathroom
November 27, 2012 in Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Windows: Secure, Efficient and Beautiful This glass block bathroom window professionally installed by Masonry & Glass Systems uses our wavy pattern with a dual glazed white vinyl fresh air window to provide the customer with on demand ventilation. The glass block replacement window provides a maintenance free window that is thermally efficient and […]

Using glass blocks for bathroom windows in St. louis
November 22, 2012 in Glass Block Windows

This customer had a large casement window in their bathroom that required curtains in order to achieve the privacy that was needed.  The problem was the curtain then made the bathroom dark without  natural light and to open the window compromised privacy. Solution, a new glass block window from Masonry & Glass Systems. The customer […]

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